Pardis Radan

Film Thickness Measurement (FTM)

The OCS Film Thickness Measurement (FTM) allows the continuous measurement of the thickness of polymer film (flat film, blown film or tape). For measurement, the film is guided between two precision rollers. One of the rollers is deflected according to the film thickness. This deflection is measured by a digital probe and evaluated by microcontroller-based electronics. The measured value is shown on a display and can be evaluated via analogue or digital interfaces.

Measurable Materials

  • Polymer films


  • Continuous thickness measurement of the polymer film


  • Customer-specific data preparation and transfer
  • Remote control (via communication protocol or digital I/O)

Compatible with

  • OCS Cast Film Line
  • OCS Blown Film Line
  • OCS Tape Line (TCA)
  • OCS Modular Film Analyzer (MFA)