Pardis Radan

Filter Pressure Test (FPT)

The OCS Filter Pressure Test (FPT) determines the Filter Pressure Value (FPV), i.e. the pressure rise measured over time upstream of the screen filter as an indication of the melt purity or dispersibility of added color pigments. The OCS Measuring Extruder (ME) melts and homogenizes the test material, which is then delivered to the filter via a melt pump at a defined and constant volume flow. The increasing pressure of the polymer melt is displayed, continuously recorded and finally evaluated.

Testable Raw Materials

  • Pellets


  • Pressure and melting temperature measurement
  • Simple sieve change
  • Data recording and evaluation using OCS Filter Test Software
  • Fulfilment of DIN EN 13900-5

Compatible with

  • OCS Measuring Extruder (ME)