Pardis Radan

Gloss Measurement (OGM)

The OCS Gloss Measurement (OGM) is designed for the constant and precise control of film gloss properties. The measuring device is integrated into the Modular Film Analyzer (MFA). It enables a continuous measurement of the gloss value on polymer film. The gloss properties of films are analyzed based on their different ability to reflect light. A special LED lighting unit illuminates the continuous film while a photo diode measures the strength of the reflected light. The measured amount of gloss, from matt to glossy, is given in GU (Gloss Units).

Measurable Materials

  • Polymer films


  • Robust, precise measuring unit
  • Gloss measurement in GU (Gloss Units), matt to gloss
  • Alarm function when limit value exceeds or falls below a specified range
  • Continuous measurement of the gloss value as well as calibration according to ASTM D523, DIN 67530, DIN EN 14086 and ASTM D2457

Compatible with

  • OCS Cast Film Line
  • OCS Blown Film Line
  • OCS Modular Film Analyzer (MFA)