Pardis Radan

Melt Flow Measurement System (OP5)

The OCS Melt Flow Measurement System (OP5) allows the measurement of the Melt Index (MI) of polymer powder or pellet samples.

The time between sampling and measurement is 5 to 10 minutes. The OP5 melt process minimizes any changes in the structure of the polymer by providing a very fast transition from solid to liquid without the negative effects of an extruder screw.

The OP5 MFR measurement process is carried out by means of exact control of the melt flow in combination with a highly precise, OCS-developed melt-pressure measurement technique. This method typically achieves a reproducibility of +/− 1%. The fast sampling reduces the delay time between laboratory and production considerably.

Testable Raw Materials

  • Pellets
  • Powder


  • Fast sample preparation and measurement
  • Real-time results in 5 to 10 minutes
  • High reproducibility
  • One-time ISO calibration per material type and measurement range
  • Real-time display via touch panel with data trends as well as optical and acoustic alarm functions
  • Measurement results according to ISO1133 and ASTM D1238