Pardis Radan

Pellet Scanner (PS200C)

The OCS Pellet Scanner (PS200C) can analyze opaque pellets on a rotating plate using of a color matrix camera. The system detects impurities that show a color deviation from the product. An additional feature of the PS200C is a multi-track flap system that sorts out the contaminated pellets. Further advantages are the data transfer of real-time results to the production and process control as well as product improvement through the sorting out of contaminated pellets.

Testable Raw Materials

  • Opaque pellets


  • High-performance 3CMOS color matrix camera
  • Smallest detectable contamination size: 55 µm
  • Throughput rate of up to 200 kg/h depending on pellet properties
  • Visualization of the real-time results
  • Multi-track suction system for sorting out contaminated pellets