Pardis Radan

Pelletizer System

The OCS Pelletizer System is used for product development and testing, process simulation and for the small-scale production of polymers with modified quality characteristics. A special feature of the pelletizing system is the variable adjustment possibilities for the different compression ratios and mixing zones. Extrusion, cooling, drying and pelletizing are combined in one OCS system to enable constant and continuous pelletizing.

For this purpose, the material mixture is first fed into the OCS Measuring Extruder (ME) via the feed hopper, producing the required strand. This strand is finally cooled in a water bath, dried by means of a compressed air nozzle and cut into pellets. In this way, new recipes such as additive matrices and masterbatch compounds can be provided quickly and easily for further pellet analysis.

Testable Raw Materials

  • Pellets, compounds and masterbatch


  • Monitoring of the process data via the Touch Panel of the OCS Measuring Extruder (ME)
  • Setting of options for different compaction ratios and mixing zones
  • Strand cutting plate with 1 or 2 outlets of from 3 to 6 mm
  • Stainless steel water bath with compressed air nozzle for drying
  • Pelleting unit with adjustable speed and pellet collector