Pardis Radan

SD 7000 Spectrophotometer

is a high precision spectrophotometer that enables to measure color of samples by reflectance and transmittance methods in the wavelength range of 380nm to 780nm at 5nm intervals. For light reflecting samples, simultaneous measurement is possible for SCI (Specular Component Include) and SCE (Specular Component Exclude), and samples even including fluorescence can be measured thanks to the adopted UV cut filter. For transparent samples, a sliding door type large sample chamber has been adopted, which makes it possible to measure even a large sample easily. This model will be an optimum choice for color management of resin, glass, liquid crystal material, metallic color, etc.

Standards Conformance: CIE 15:2004, ISO 7724/1, ASTM E1164, DIN 5033, Teil 7 and JIS Z 8722 C

Indices and Metrics: E313 Whiteness and Tint (C/2° or D65/10°), E313 Yellowness (C/2° or D65/10°), D1925 Yellowness (C/2°), Y Brightness, Z%, 457 nm Brightness, Opacity, Color Strength (Average and Single Wavelength), Gray Change, Gray Stain, Metamerism Index, Shade Number

Nippon Denshoku