Pardis Radan

Surface Quality Analyzer (SQA100)

The OCS Surface Quality Analyzer (SQA100) is specially designed to detect irregularities on the surface (pips) of polymer films (tape) in the wire and cable industry. The high-resolution CMOS camera system measures the height of the pips with a resolution of 1 µm using a special measuring method. Additionally, the base diameter and the diameter at half the height of the pips are measured with a resolution of 10 µm. The SQA100 software allows the user to define height and diameter classes and classify the measured pips accordingly. All relevant measurement results are clearly displayed and can be exported to all common file formats.

Testable Materials

  • Non-transparent polymer films (tape)


  • High-resolution CMOS camera system
  • LED lighting
  • Real-time error analysis with customer-specific presentation of results

Compatible with

  • OCS Tape Line (SSA)