Pardis Radan

X-Ray Pellet Scanner (XP7)

The new OCS XP7 X-Ray Pellet Scanner detects metal defects in highly transparent and opaque pellets, which improves the polymer and product quality. The innovative X-ray technology in the measuring system of the XP7 analyses images of the pellet stream in real time. Due to the different absorption of the X-rays in the metal and in the polymer, the embedded metal particles can be detected from a size of 50 µm. Contaminated pellets are sorted out by a multi-track air nozzle system.

Testable Raw Materials

  • Highly transparent pellets
  • Opaque pellets


  • High-resolution X-ray image
  • Smallest detectable contamination size: 50 µm
  • High-speed throughput rate of up to 600 kg/h depending on pellet properties
  • Specially developed for the detection of metal defects in pellets
  • High-quality and proven radiation protection
  • Visualization of the real-time results
  • Multi-track air nozzle system for sorting out contaminated pellets