Pardis Radan

X-Ray Tape Analyzer (XTA100)

The OCS X-ray Tape Analyzer (XTA100) is an X-ray-based inspection system for polymer films. It was specially developed for the cable and wire industry and enables the specific detection of metal particles. The film is inspected using a high-resolution X-ray camera system. The measurement results are analyzed by the XTA100 software according to customer-specific requirements, and defects are classified. All relevant measurement results are clearly displayed and can be exported to all common file formats. The XTA100 can be combined with other OCS film inspection systems, such as the TQA100. This combination provides additional measurement results that allow an even more extensive analysis of the defects.

Testable Raw Materials

  • Polymer films (tape)


  • High-resolution X-ray camera system
  • High-quality and proven radiation protection
  • Easy operation due to sliding housing
  • Real-time error analysis with customer-specific presentation of results

Compatible with

  • OCS Tape Line
  • OCS Modular Film Analyzer (MFA)